Monday, 17 October 2016


The love i have generated for this book knows no bounds....i finished CRESCENDO and dived head into the finale....CRESCENDO is a sequel to the HUSH HUSH and i would be lying if i say i'm not roped into this wonderful story. So here goes....
Nora and Patch just couldn't get their happily ever after in peace at least not with issues hanging between them. Patch suddenly leaves Nora for her archenemy Marie and she's definitely not happy about it and demands an explanation which is cut in bits and pieces. Rixon, Patch's best buddy is suddenly hanging out with Vee and Nora is busy getting into trouble because she loves Patch and can't seem to figure out why he's with Marie.
Nora is being given the explanation she needs just to find out deeper secrets... Patch has been reassigned by the archangels to Marie as her guardian angel, Marie's father...Hank is an ancient nephil and lastly he's the notorious BLACKHAND recruiting nephlims to wage war against the fallen angels...
This twist of a tale just took a whole different level.... definitely onto the next one*winks*


  • I still stand on the fact that Nora as a descendant of an ancient Nephil should be at least a little bit powerful #seriously waiting on to see her powers
  • The suspense in book 2 was a huge YES for me... i get roped into the story with every sentence i read
  • I personally feel that Nora should at least be strong enough to block her mind from being penetrated by nephilims or fallen angels
  • I'm still loving Patch as the book continues... he's strong willed, powerful and can do almost anything for Nora *seriously drooling*
  • I'm no editor but i seemed to have noticed some misspelt words at the beginning of the chapter but it didn't mean anything because every other thing was perfect to me.
“You're mine, Angel," he murmured, brushing the words across my jawbone as I arched my neck higher, inviting him to kiss everywhere. "You have me forever.” 

Sunday, 16 October 2016


You wouldn't believe it but i just went Paranormal...literally! i couldn't believe it either. it popped out on my kindle and it was a BECCA FITZPATRICK book....Hush,Hush. i know...i know, it was published in 2009 so yes i just read an old book. Guilty as charged*covers face* but honestly i had not read the book before.Well, i started with the book one yesterday and it was so interesting that i just had to post it.
Nora Grey meets Patch in their high school biology class and she's certain he's bad news. The vibe she gets from him spells danger but she can't stop her curiosity from revealing itself. Nora and her best friend Vee are normal high school teenagers until Nora starts noticing a spooky presence,hearing voices in her head and having nasty illusions. Transfer students, Elliot and Jules get admitted into their high school, Nora gets a new therapist and suddenly she starts a research on fallen angels....
Patch is Nora's  paired up partner for her biology class. he's broody and mysterious and definitely interested in Nora.. he appears at weird places and coincidentally always bumps into Nora... you can as well  call him her stalker plus she's pulled to him strongly even though she denies it.
Elliot is the new transfer student who suddenly is taken by Nora and tries to get her to hang out.. on the outside, he's fun, cool and great to be with but on the inside, he has a lot to hide and tends to fall on the dark and angry side.
Jules is mostly seen with Elliot, doesn't talk much and disappears most of the time...Vee is definitely into him plus he's verrryyy mysterious...
Miss Green is the new therapist assigned to Nora on the basis that her old one took an early leave...She's way too curious about Nora and warns her about Patch which was weird.
Nora not only finds about that Patch is an appears he's fallen and she's the descendant of a nephilim also known as half angel..half human.
I'm still on the Hush,Hush saga and on the book two presently.


  • I've always loved an epic book...and this right here is epic. A combination of spook and romance...who am i to resist?
  • Personally, i think for a descendant of a nephilim...Nora had to have some powers of her own, atleast just a teeny weeny bit....i mean she's half angel and had their blood... Come on!
  • I loved Patch...from the beginning to the end, i loved everything about him.
  • I also loved how the book started... i'm a fan of catchy quotes.To me, the beginning of a book...makes the book*you know what i mean *winks* 
  • Finally, the end did not keep me in suspense... frankly i don't even know if it's the end or if there's more to come and i know there are two more books in this saga *hmmm*
-2 PETER 2:4

Friday, 14 October 2016

Trust Trilogy By Cristiane Serruya

  Contemporary and History comes together again to create this fabulous book...this book was way more than i expected it to turn out. when i first opened the book, i was turned off by the fact that i wasn't able to grasp the book heads on, but then i was also intrigued...this book has got to be the first in my top library list of 2016 books.
                                                                    Mrs Sophia Santo as she likes to call herself is the most sophisticated woman. She has an air of elegance and carries herself that way...she's stuck in Heathrow Airport in London when she meets Ethan Ashford who gives her a lift to her destination. Ethan is stuck by the enigma which is Sophia and vows to see her again. As a widow,Sophia finds no interest in Ethan except his physical attributes that had her melting in her panties.Ethan continues to see her and is enchanted by her brilliance and wit. But they both have their demons... Sophia has her little daughter Gabriela to tend to Ethan hates children. Ethan is somewhat abusive and swears he loves Sophia to the moon and beyond. Alistair Connor comes into the picture and he's also taken by Sophia.


  • Everything about this book is breathtaking and really emotional... i mean as much as i did not want to drop the book, it was draining me emotionally... the men were intense and possessive and to me that's a big YES.. who doesn't like an alpha man anyways??
  • I love the use of history and combination of places being used in the book....everything was so literally strategic: Good books as these are so rare this days
  • Sophia Santo is just so perfect and i loved it.... she is brilliant and witty, seductive and had integrity; my perfect idea of a heroine 
  • i don't like the fact that Ethan Ashford died*seriously on the verge of the tears*...i liked him so much...his intensity scared and intrigued me..i mean he should have just gotten happily married like Sophia did.
  • Alistair Connor was just THE MAN.... i loved his character and the fact that his thoughts were on display for understanding...well done Cristiane!
What's your take on this trilogy??? it was a yay! for me

Friday, 29 July 2016


  SURPRISE! It feels so good to be back again. Sorry on the long break...and No I wasn't away rebuilding my blog or on a pathway to finding myself... lol. Most times you just want to read and enjoy it alone#bookselfishness.
Since GREY by EL JAMES came out, I was itching to have my hands on a copy either hardcopy or as an ebook and I definitely read it finally and it was everything I imagined it to be.
   I knew about Christian Grey's dark and tender side, sadly, there was nothing unexpected. I mean I was expecting something I must have missed while reading the trilogy. GREY was wonderful and you would love the other trilogy even better. For those who haven't read the other trilogies, I have uploaded the four books.

Download RAR file here

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


    Make no mistake...I've been reading and even with my university's upcoming exams, the pull to read this book was irresistible and so the book won. I'm partly ashamed to say i dropped school work for this but if you must was worth the temptation. K. Webster just got to me, there was no part of this book that i found wanting...Nope not one. When i saw the book, my first impression was it could be a horror novel, then i thought "it could as well pass out for dark BDSM romance and my head went on and on but then again "Curiosity is the spark behind the spark" so i started the journey and it captivated me right from the beginning.

Sidney Hunter was a girl who never knew love and her momma seemed to have several shades of RED...she had "CLEAN MOMMA" whenever she got dirty or broke a plate or spilled anything. CLEAN MOMMA was never nice as she always wiped her clean with a full bath of hot water and scrubbed her skin sparkling clean with bleach. NURSE MOMMA was no better as even Sidney falling sick was terror itself'
      It was a sad relief for twenty-one year old  Sidney when she found her mother dead from drug overdose. With the help of the counselor Tina Caldwell who turned friend, Sidney finds herself getting a job taking care of an old woman and staying at the apartment above her 'APARTMENT 2B'.
   Sidney Hunter was not your typical girl....with her good looks, she still loved wearing long sleeves and sweats to cover her wounds. She was obsessed with cleaning and detest making close contact. Sidney was abused beyond repair.
With her addicted schedule and her obsessive neat behavior, Sidney managed to steer clear of every neighbor until she met LIAM who respected her wishes and never touched her, entered her apartment with no warning, watched movies and was always there for her. Sidney had never made that much progress with anyone except her friend Tina who was her full time friend and part time counselor. Sidney fell in love with Liam every single day from his good looks to his broody moods down to his black sleeves he wears. Then suddenly, Liam decides to leave crushing Sidney's heart and leaving her to pick the pieces. LUCAS, Liam's brother comes into the picture and BOOM!... Turns out, Liam's been dead for years.

    I'm feeling giddy....Can you feel it??? i'm not completing this tale for you, Get the book!. This book took me off guard, For once i just couldn't predict correctly and that kept me hooked. People trust me on this one i'm rating it 99.9% and that's just because 100% would be a little bit exaggerating.  

Thursday, 31 March 2016

You've read the 48 laws of power.... LEARN ANYTHING??

 I read the 48 LAWS OF POWER when i was way too young to truly understand it fully and because of its great and way too wonderful stories..Who am i to resist? So Yes! for all who has read this insightful book knows that part of its allure were the stories. ROBERT GREENE gave the world power on paper.
      For all those who think this is a sly, conniving, power-grubbing book, i can probably agree with you. i probably just pick what i want and keep away the rest. But today, i would be writing about the 3rd Law and it was tagged CONCEAL YOUR INTENTIONS and this law started out with the TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW.

The story begins with the infamous courtesan Ninon de Lenclos and how she tries to assist the Marquis de Sevingne who was a twenty two youngster in pursuing a beautiful woman who he loved and obviously he was inexperienced as he relates his woes to the courtesan who found him both amusing and somewhat foolish.
     The courtesan now set out to instruct the Marquis on his approach towards the beautiful countess. He was to follow every step with utmost attention to detail and nuance.
The Marquis was to throw the countess off scent by becoming nonchalant and keeping up being friends thereby confusing her. He would show up in parties with Paris most stunning women and leave her seething with jealousy.
    This gave the Marquis instant value and the countess was eager to snatch him off their clutches. The Marquis would appear at at salons he had never frequented before, and places the countess appears often thereby confusing the countess more with his unpredictable moves. This went on for weeks and the countess was intrigued...she was suddenly asking questions about him and gradually falling under his spell.
   Few days later, the Marquis broke the spell when he got to the countess home and spilled out his secrets and expressed love for her and furthermore confused the countess who avoided him afterwards.
                  I read this story and i was HEARTBROKEN for the Marquis, i mean he was almost there*sadfaced*.Everybody loves to be seduced but ladies?...They just love it more#opinionated. The 48 Laws of power uses subtle moves to achieve results and this law just represents ACTIONS SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS...Let your actions do the talking for you so yes the interpretation of the law.

  • Men and women enjoy being seduced... they enjoy the feeling of being stringed along. String that lover along in your life but not long enough to lose him/her and not short enough to not be enough.
  •  " Everything in seduction however depends on suggestion. You cannot announce your intentions or reveal them directly in words". Actions again People... Prove your love in actions not words and the lover would want more than actions. Unfortunately people might be greedy like that.
  • Confuse. Throw them off scent... make whatever you do as a natural act of human doings and not out of being ruled by emotions. in order words....Don't make the person know you are in love while trying to be in love...Get it?? LOL.
  • Intrigue and Beguile. Humans tend to radiate emotions, don't speak...Radiate people.
  • Subtle Jealousy. Not too much people...Not too much least you stand the risk of loosing the person.
I love this law in the 48 laws of power and even with minimal cons, i still have this as my best law mainly because i think not everything is meant to be said. Most things are just better kept in.